How to Love the Inner Scorpio in You


If you have met someone who belongs to the Scorpio Zodiac sign, then you are already aware of the emotions that go along with him. People with a Scorpio badge can seem to be overly emotional in a lot of things. Even those events like Amsterdam City trips or Amsterdam canal tours which are meant to be enjoyed can turn into an emotional affair for Scorpio people.

But being emotional is not bad. Being a Scorpio is not, at all, wrong. It is who you are as a person and how you use your personality that actually matters.

How to turn your emotional side into something useful and can benefit people around you?

Take care of others

scorpioHaving an emotional feeling means that you extend your hand and your heart to people and affairs that you feel something about. You do not hold back and feel sympathy for unfortunate events that happen around you.

To use this feeling and turn it into a good deed, you can convert that sympathy to empathy. What does that mean? Sympathy means feeling sorry for the misfortunes of others. Empathy is putting yourself in the same situation and undergoing the same stress and distress that the people who experience it. Because of empathy, you can then stand up and do something about the situation.

Look out for others

You can use the emotions that you feel toward the people you love to be proactive in different situations. Instead of just feeling sorry for what they had become, you can avoid situations that can cause harm to people. By talking and engaging them, you can understand their circumstances better and treat them according to the real needs that they want to be fulfilled.

Protecting others

The good thing about emotions is that you are willing to do whatever it takes to shield people from feeling the inflicting pain that they may get from the conditions that they are in right now. Use your emotions to protect the people around you. Be the barrier that covers them and separates them from the hurt and pain that others can do to them.