What is your website all about?

The movement of the stars and the cosmic objects that are existing in the universe have an impact on human lives. Astrology supports this principle. Stars and planets do have an influence on what our future holds. This website is about different astrological beliefs and techniques such as horoscopes, zodiac signs, and compatibility. You can browse our website if you have questions about love, about your Amsterdam city pass, about your career, and about your family.

What is horoscope?

The positions of the stars, the sun, and the planets can greatly affect the lives that we live each day. It is better to consult the horoscope before you start doing something new like a dinner cruise in Amsterdam or a date with your officemate.

What is an astrologer?

He is the one who interprets the position of the celestial objects and translates it into something that we can maximize and use to our advantage. Most of the bases for astrologers are the cosmic matters and the date of your birth. By using these two things, the astrologer can utilize the information and show you the best probabilities that people can apply to their own lives.

What are the branches of astrology?

Astrology has a lot of branches. The types are basically divided between the Western Hemisphere and the Eastern Hemisphere. The astrology from the culture that each branch comes from vary enormously on some aspects and similar on others. The branches base their presumptions on their own created charts, principles, and point of interpretation.

What is love compatibility according to astrology?

Astrology believes that everyone has, to some extent, good compatibility no matter what the zodiac sign is. But some are more compatible than others. If you are looking for love and have met someone, say, in a dinner cruise in Amsterdam, you can actually test your compatibility meter using charts and measurements. See our articles to find out more about love compatibility.

How do I register on this page?

It is easy to register on our website. To do this, look at the menu and click on Registration. You will then be brought to a Registration Form. Input all your personal information and contact details so that we can acknowledge your registration on the site.