Understanding the Capricorn Man


Is the love of your life a Capricorn? Or is someone in the office or workplace who wants to court you have a Capricorn zodiac sign? It pays to understand the person whom you are dealing with. You do not want to be in a relationship with someone who has characteristics that you do not want or you simply hate. You should understand the person before actually diving deep into the getting-to-know-you stage of dating. It is like knowing what your options are and then getting the best flight deals available for you.

Who is the Capricorn man?


The Capricorn man is very quiet. He does not speak much and you do not hear many words from him even if you particularly know each other well. It is not in his nature to talk naturally with people. But the thing is, he is always using logic. He has his critical thinking cap on twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. He prioritizes his mind over his heart almost every time. If you are dating a Capricorn, be sure to prepare yourself in situations where you feel that he does not show love at all. It is not that he does not love you. He just wants to think first before saying anything.

Open to adventure


You might be quite surprised with the Capricorn man because he is adventurous. He likes to travel and visit different places. Ask him to go to Las Vegas and he will gladly oblige. He is also very athletic or maybe likes to think of himself as such. He wants to do a lot of physical activities like biking, swimming, and more. If you are not the outdoor type, you should open yourself to opportunities that he presents because you will most likely go out and explore nature when you are with him.

Laser light focus

A man born with a Capricorn zodiac sign is very intense when it comes to anything that he is focused on. It may be his hobbies, his career, or his family. Nothing will sway him from doing otherwise. It will take a lot of patience when you are dealing with a Capricorn man. The good thing is that he always has direction in his life.